PhD Project

Below is a summary of the research project. I’ll provide regular updates on progress and my findings as the projects proceeds.

February 2021 Update: I’m now well through the data analysis and should have the initial themes identified soon. I’ll be looking for volunteers to get involved with the next stage, so if your interested please get in touch with me (email


I started this research for two reasons; the first is that I had always loved learning and for me a PhD is the pinnacle of educational achievement. The other reason is that I was interested in the areas of people, work and technology. Earlier this year I was finalising the research question when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and realised that while majority of us can work from home, are we flourishing and what the role of technology is in that experience.


My research question is ‘What is the relationship between information and communication technology and flourishing while working from home? It’s a case study focusing on office workers in the U.K. energy industry, examining their experience of how, if at all, information and communication technology enables them to flourish while working from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The data collection started with a confidential, on line survey in Autumn 2020. Participants were people who:

  • work in service of the UK energy industry
  • live in the UK
  • are office based workers prior to Covid-19
  • are now working from home on a regular basis

I’m really happy to say that the survey participation target was exceeded! Thank you to everyone who completed the survey.